IdeasBen Jackson

Keep moving forward

IdeasBen Jackson
Keep moving forward

You are the giver of life,
the keeper of peace –
a selfless mother, a wife –
society’s binding force.

You look over your shoulder,
feel the burning eyes.
Clutch your bag closer
and emanate a warning.

You are the rain and the sun,
the earth and the farmer.
Plant trees one-by-one,
breathe life in the forest.

You are meat at a market,
a commodity for sale.
A vessel, an object and
a foil for bruised egos.

You are the singer of songs,
the teller of tales,
traditions – rights and wrongs.
A strong, silent spirit.

You are beaten back,
told the podium’s not yours.
Learn first, then counterattack.
Time can be bided, not wasted.

You have knowledge, it is might.
Courage carries you forward
from the shadows to the light.
The future is on your side.